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    31 December 2017
    Food for the soul and a little bit of hope in a crazy world !!!
    There was nothing I didn’t like.
    Bun welcomed us into his home along with his family. If you want to escape the crowds of tourists at the many hotels/ hostels in Siem Reap and experience the real authentic Cambodian hospitality, then stay here. Bun does not pretend to offer 5 star service with all the comforts that go with that. Even though he was able to arrange day trips/tours and English-speaking guides, he offers so much more...... He and his extended family do possess an open and warm heart that is sincere and true, qualities that are rare in this world and should be cherished.
    26 December 2017
    A magical experience, highly recommended.
    Only suggestion would be for the displaying of prices, for example beer in evening, tuk tuk rides etc....they are fairly priced I just would have liked to know what I was being charged as I went.
    Our first time in a homestay! It is a joyous experience highly recommend
    15 December 2017
    This is a small home stay with four rooms opening onto a communal sitting area and deck. Breakfast is served in the outdoor covered area and dinner is eaten with the family. Guests are warmly welcomed into the community and looked after beautifully.
    13 October 2017
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    9 September 2017
    Lovely family, great experience, friends for life
    The hospitality of Bun and his family, always second to none. I can't recommend this place more. And the food is amazing also!
    25 August 2017
    Staying with Bun and meeting his family and friends was a highlight of our trip! Thank you!
    Fantastic homestay, I have nothing to fault. I'd encourage anyone who wants a true feel of the real Cambodia to stay here. We felt like family from the minute we arrived. Lovely home, lovely food and even lovelier people!
    11 June 2017
    Authentic experience you will remember forever
    Bunyong Homestay was something different than anything else. You feel to be a part of the family and can experience something you can never have when staying standard hotels. You live with them, and get to know how it is to live in Cambodia. Owner James Bun is one of the most warm-hearted person and he does lot of good work in his local village. Every sunday they have a big family dinner and celebration, and you are welcomed to join. Experience I will always remember!
    31 May 2017
    The heart of Siem Reap
    The most memorable experience of mine and my boyfriends 3 month travels. Amazing family and friends, excellent hospitality and a must! One day we hope to return. Thank you Bun. Autumn & Martin
    9 May 2017
    Awesome Homestay
    Mr Bun is the MAN! It feels good to help him help his community. His passion and drive to help his community is inspiring.
    18 April 2017
    Must do this in Cambodia
    Excellent guides to tbe temples and a taste of the real Cambodia.
    16 April 2017
    An experience to cherish, with an exceptional host!
    Nothing. For the kind of expectations we had when we booked the place, there was nothing to dislike. A perfect score of 10 for not a luxury place is testimony to that.
    Mr Bun received us at the Giant Ibis station at 5 am, took us to his home and made us comfortable without any delay. Location- The house is in a typical rural setting yet not far from the Angkor Wat complex. You could request him to pick you up upon arrival and that will save the hassle of trying to locate the property yourself. Rooms - basic, with air conditioning, clean beds, mosquito nets, a clean washroom and cold showers. The rooms are definitely not luxury. However, if one wants to experience rural Cambodia in Siem Reap, delving deep into their culture and living, the stay at Mr Bun's house is not to be missed. Service - Exceptional and outstanding. Mr Bun is an amazing person, taking great care of his guests. The breakfast was good and the dinner is an experience worth remembering. In fact, Mr Bun put up a dance show for his guests on the second night! Travel- Mr Bun arranges travel to all nearby places, the Angkor Wat being the most prominent. You get the option of hiring a tuk-tuk or Mr Bun takes you around in his car, with the charges being very reasonable. He will take you for sunrise and sunset at the Angkor Wat, if you wish to go. He even dropped us to the Giant Ibis station when we had to catch our bus to Phnom Penh! Overall, an amazing experience. The setting, the simple yet comfortable facilities, the memorable and delicious dinners, the children he fosters and of course Mr Bun, all make the 2 nights spent there worth remembering! Will definitely recommend to travelers looking for a true Cambodian experience.
    9 April 2017
    A true Cambodian homestay experience
    Not applicable.
    My wife and I have just a few days ago enjoyed a wonderful 4 nights with Bun and his family, sharing a real and truely unique Cambodian experience with some other like-minded Kiwi, Aussie and Canadian travellers staying there also. Bun is an incredible, inspiring and very generous, welcoming man, who opens his heart and happy home to all. His home is your home, to travellers and the children and others he supports along the way. You do feel like you become part of the family, from the moment you arrive and hear 'welcome home'. In a country where there is real and extreme poverty, it is heart warming to see a man and family with a vision who are willing to share with, contribute to and help support, educate and advance the local rural community who might otherwise be passed by in the tourist boom, where profits are usually stripped to foreign businesses and not to local Cambodians. If you choose to stay with Bun and family, you'll get to see a very rural local part of Siem Reap, which is not too far from town if you feel the need for that. You need to bear in mind that you're staying in a local home, not a boutique hotel. The villa is down the end of a few bumpy and dusty roads. It's rural, so there are dogs (cute little puppy Mimi, Lucy and Lily will share the love with you regardless), chickens and other animals. As you'll know from other reviews, there are 4 rooms upstairs for guests in the villa, with a balcony seating area for relaxing and breakfast. Dinner is communal, shared downstairs in the outdoor dining area with the family and other guests. The food is lovely, very local and you can share a few stories, jokes and laughs over a beer or a special home brew rice wine or spider wine (nope, we're not brave enough to try that one) at Bun's Bar with new friends and family. The rooms are very clean, homely and have A/C and fans, with mosquito nets if you need them.
    24 March 2017
    My hope for Cambodia
    Home is in the middle of nowhere. If you are more interested in downtown/party you should stay somewhere else.
    I enjoyed staying with family "Bun" very much. The home is located in a quiet area between city and airport (10 minutes by Tuk-Tuk), so you're safe of the hordes of tourists in Siem Reap. Though it is not a hotel everything I needed, e.g. transportation, had been taken care of by the owner. Room was good, had AC and well-working WiFi. I also liked the food very much, and that Mr. Bun could tell me much about the "real" life in Cambodia. I have to say that this homestay and its occupants have given me some hope in Cambodia - if I had not stayed there but, like later in Phnom Penh, in a downtown hotel I do not think I would every consider to come to Cambodia again. Because it's Cambodia one should also not forget the social aspect: your money stays in the neighborhood and does not go the many corrupt rich or international enterprises.
    16 March 2017
    Amazing homestay! Mr. Bun and his family gave us a really great experience in his home. It was a highlight of our trip. We enjoyed eating dinner with him and his family and hope to return someday!
    15 March 2017
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    13 March 2017
    Great fun place to stay, with an experience you won't get in the busy tourist town centre.
    Slightly out of town. Not a major problem as this gives you a real experience of local Siem Reap life.
    Authentic proper homestay with a fantastic family that care for there community. Welcoming, friendly, fun.
    2 March 2017
    Our Cambodian home away from home, Highly recommended!
    A little far from town, pretty expensive all in all but the great part is the money is going to people who really need it so you feel like you are helping the community
    Boon and his family and extended adopted family are simply amazing! this is THE place to stay for a warm, local experience with out of this world hospitality. Great way to get a sense of the real Cambodia.
    4 January 2017
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    21 December 2016
    Great homestay
    I liked everything. The food was excellent. The crew consisting of Mr Buffalo, Mr Tam, all the kids, Michelle Obama (AKA) Bun's mother, Loa and of course Bun. Everyone was pleasant. happy and very accommodating. Bun has a big heart sponsoring local children and plans to build a small school to teach computer skills to the local children. A homestay to me is experiencing living with the homestay family. Finding out about their everyday lives and learning about things you wouldn't find out about on the well worn tourists routes. At Bun's you certainly got an experience of homestay
    19 November 2016
    Lots of fun at Bun's home!
    We had a wonderful time at Bun's home! Bun was so welcoming and helped organise our activities during the day. In the evening we got to watch the local kids come over for dance class, Bun's family made us delicious Cambodian food, and then we hung out in the hammocks having beers with Bun and his friends. We also slept very well as the bedrooms are comfortable and clean with air con. We would go back again next time we're in Siem Reap! Thanks Bun!
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